Matthew Dooley of dooley media hosted the 4th quarterly Social Media Show & Tell last week at Union Hall. Bringing together experts and pupils alike, the eager audience overflowed from the stage to the door to hear what Dooley and the reputable speakers had to say.

  Keynote Speaker, Jason Falls of the Conversation Research Institution, kicked things off by sharing exciting new social listening tools which can take the guesswork out of marketing campaigns. Falls described the importance of gathering consumer insights directly from the consumer’s mouth (or rather, keyboard) by analyzing online conversations. His work with the CRI goes far beyond simple sentiment analysis which can only gauge a positive, negative, or neutral affect in posts about a product or brand. Conversational research delves deeper into what the consumer is actually saying about a product to provide insights for improvements or needs for entirely new products within the scope of the brand.

The sound of pen scratching paper echoed through the auditorium as I wasn’t the only audience member feverishly scribbling down his insider knowledge and tips. For more innovation by Jason Falls, you can visit or   

With such a tough act to follow, Ashley Bryant showed zero trepidation as she took the stage to educate us on successful campaign practices. After proving her genius on multiple P&G hair and skin care campaigns, Ashley was recruited for the 2012 Obama for America campaign trail. To mere plebeians like you and me, this sounds like the most daunting venture to try and undertake as a marketer, but Ashley managed to brilliantly break it down in a simple step-by-step “how-to” for creating a movement.

In our social media-saturated society, it’s easy to gain hollow support from millions with dispassionate “likes” which take no more effort than a click of a mouse. Ashley explained the importance of taking the conversation from online to offline to increase a call to action for a real-world movement. It’s important to know your goals and take the appropriate steps to get there. As Ashley says, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.”

 As Savannah Peterson strutted up to the podium, immediately demanding our attention and involvement, it was quickly clear to see how she is the go-to expert on audience engagement. Her engagement expertise is what helped her launch her brand as a public speaker, community innovator, and teacher as well as her career as The Savvy Millennial. She based her presentation on the platform that, “The Channel is Free,” which she demonstrated in real time as she went on Facebook Live with the entire auditorium. Navigating through many of the common misgivings about using this technology, we joined her on her engagement with her online audience as well as participating as her live, in-person audience. A key takeaway from Savannah’s speech was when she said, “Find your key evangelists.” Again, a simple but infrequently touted idea in the marketing world.

For a full recap on the event and the speakers’ content, you can click here. According to host, Matthew Dooley, we are to expect the next Social Media Show & Tell on December 7th, and if it is anywhere as informative as this event, it should not be missed. I know McCabe Media will be there soaking up as much insider knowledge as we can.