Google Chrome is upping its security for its more than 1 billion users starting in October 2017. We are all familiar with the URL preface of HTTP:// and in recent years you may have noticed some URLs are prefaced with HTTPS:// . The “S” here stands for “secure.” Only on secure pages are you guaranteed that your information will not be stolen for other purposes.

With Version 62 of Google Chrome coming in October, any website that operates on an HTTP page will give a “NOT SECURE” warning when users are requested to fill out a form of any kind. This means that any Google Chrome user with the newest update, and every updated version hereafter, may encounter access barriers to websites without an HTTPS page.

This definitely has the potential to discredit a company with users who are unfamiliar with the reasons why such an intimidating “NOT SECURE” warning pops up whenever they are on your website. Additionally, if your website is not secure, it will have a serious impact on your Google search ranking, making the website even less accessible to users. For more information on these new secure measures, you can read about it on Search Engine Journal or ZDNet.

As for our current client partners, you have nothing to worry about. We will be actively helping you through this transition of web redesign, acquiring an SSL certificate as well as delivering an enhanced security analysis for your entire digital communication platforms. Any questions or concerns can be answered by any of us here at McCabe Media, (513) 400-6002.