I started working with my first franchise back in 2010. I fell in love with the concept immediately. If you have the startup capital, almost everything else is taken care of for you! Take a few classes, learn about the company’s mission, then follow the proven profitable guidelines that are set up for you and boom- instant success. I love it!

That is, until I tried marketing for my franchise while staying within the very strict marketing parameters that corporate had designed. Many times, I’ve worked with franchises who leave all the marketing up to corporate because it’s less of a headache. The only problem with that is, it’s also less individual recognition for that particular franchise location.

After thoroughly studying the marketing rules for one of my franchises, I was able to start my own campaigns for my individual location that fell in line with corporate standards. Sales went up 60% that first month from the same month in the three years before. I did another corporate-approved, individual campaign two months later and sales went up again, giving our location the highest recorded profits since opening day!

A well-established franchise relies heavily on the popularity it has garnered nationwide, but often times falls short when it comes to highlighting the individually-owned locations. McCabe Media is now offering custom franchise services in order to get your location the local notoriety that it deserves and strengthen your relationship with your local clientele. For more information, call us today! (513) 400-6002.