Marketing will always be one of those enigmatic phenomenons where everyone knows what it does, but noone really knows what it is. It seems so easy – tell people about your brand or product, right? But when it comes to best practices- how and where to tell people, and which people care, and who was actually reached, and did anyone even buy based off of all this effort? Even typing about it is exhausting! Then of course, whichever marketing effort you decide on it must absolutely be measurable.

All of this is fairly common knowledge for anyone in the industry, but have you ever thought about measuring your competition’s digital campaigns? Think about it, you can see what works and what doesn’t, how effectively your target is being reached, what other companies/products are your targets affiliating themselves with, etc.

You may never gain access to your competition’s ROI, but you can absolutely monitor their campaigns with these 4 free tools:


  1. Facebook “Pages to Watch”

Facebook already knows the value of keeping an eye on your competition. If you own a business page with Facebook, you can scroll to the bottom of your Insights page to see a list of suggested companies to watch. This will allow you to see many of the same metrics you would see on your own business insights, but without driving any more traffic to your competition.

  1. Google Alerts

Something so simple yet so underutilized. You can receive customized reports about any online mentions of your competition. You can use keywords that relate to your products or just flat-out be notified whenever the company’s name is being talked about. You can also use this to determine what is trending and how you can use that for your own campaigns.

  1. SEM Rush

For a data nerd like me, this is a dream come true. With a free account, you can actually track your competitors’ rankings, high-traffic keywords, and even their AdWords. The data gets fed back to you in easily-digested infographics to help you not only understand the insights, but allows you to also strategize on how you will use the information to perfect your own digital campaigns.

  1. Alexa

You can analyze a company’s overall global reach with a quick question to Alexa. This search will also show which websites link to your competitor, which keywords drive traffic to them, and which pages elicit the highest engagement with audiences.

These monitoring tools will give you a peek into your competitor’s marketing efforts, shortcomings, and affiliated websites. You can use this information to keep a leg up and perfect your own digital campaigns. 

It can be time-consuming, but it is doable! You can outsource this to your favorite local PR agency or just call 513-400-6002 or email to schedule a free consultation.