Competitive Marketing by Franchise Standards

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I started working with my first franchise back in 2010. I fell in love with the concept immediately. If you have the startup capital, almost everything else is taken care of for you! Take a few classes, learn about the company’s mission, then follow the proven profitable guidelines that are set up for you and [...]

Social Media Show & Tell

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Matthew Dooley of dooley media hosted the 4th quarterly Social Media Show & Tell last week at Union Hall. Bringing together experts and pupils alike, the eager audience overflowed from the stage to the door to hear what Dooley and the reputable speakers had to say.   Keynote Speaker, Jason Falls of the Conversation Research Institution, [...]

SEO & You

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If you work for a company in the year 2017, chances are you’ve heard the acronyms, SEO, SEM, SEA, etc. But what do these really mean? Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising are two branches of Search Engine Marketing. Still confused? When the concept was first coming into action, SEO was a means of [...]

New Chrome Update May Lower your Website Search Ranking

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Google Chrome is upping its security for its more than 1 billion users starting in October 2017. We are all familiar with the URL preface of HTTP:// and in recent years you may have noticed some URLs are prefaced with HTTPS:// . The “S” here stands for “secure.” Only on secure pages are you guaranteed [...]

CityBeat’s Sugar Rush 2017

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Earlier this month, CityBeat Cincinnati hosted its annual Sugar Rush at Playhouse in the Park in Mt. Adams. The line to get in the door was already wrapped around the lobby four times before the event had even officially begun. With vendors spread out through three large rooms, the vast crowd was able to [...]